August 2, 2017


Superior service is a day to day, person by person challenge. Today is the day….. the challenge is ours and we gladly take it on board.


Reubby Consulting Agency

“the Website is really revamped. It is beautiful. Everything was made to be so easy and look at it now, it’s beyond our expectations.”


Sejagobe Engineers

“Our online presence is very important to us and we feel that we have made the right choice in going with Visionbased.”


Multi chem Engineering and Construction

“It was so easy and seamless in how Visionbased provided services to us. Affordable, quality and friendly service. We couldn’t be happier with our website and the emails they provided us.”


Thanmaz Travel Agency

“After we were approached by Visionbased, we were a bit skeptical, but they were very hospitable, professional and really good with the product they gave us. We couldn’t be happier.”



“Our email hosting has been very effective and the support has been good too.”